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Fee for Service Recruitment & Placement

Sayler’s Consulting specializes in the recruitment and placement of accounting and finance professionals and has been in operation since 1993.

This service helps employers recruit the best-qualified accounting and finance personnel.

Fee: The recruitment fee for this service is 16% - 19% of the incumbent's starting salary, which includes a 6-month money-back guarantee. If a person is terminated prior to completing 6 months of employment, we will replace that individual at no charge or refund the recruitment fee.

*Please note: a lay-off situation does not qualify for the guarantee.


Recruiting the Best People for You

  1. We are prepared to spend time at your workplace to assess your specific hiring needs and to develop an appreciation of your corporate environment.
  1. We thoroughly assess every applicant, which consists of a 3 hour qualifying process, comprised of an aptitude test, basic accounting fundamentals test, and an in-depth interview.

  2. We check 1 reference in order to be maintained in our database and 2 to 3 references when an applicant is considered for an employment opportunity.

  3. Short-listed candidates are sent to the employer for consideration.

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