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Frequently Asked Questions


Sayler’s Consulting does not list current job postings on their website. Why?

A: We do not post our jobs on our website because we guarantee to our employers that they will have resumes within a 48–hour time frame. As well, our recruiters take the time to carefully interview every applicant registered in our database and to develop a solid understanding of the applicant’s job requirements. When we receive a new job order, we do our best to ensure that we short-list the candidates who meet the requirements for the position.

Does Sayler’s Consulting specialize in a certain area of accounting?

A: Our agency places accounting personnel at all levels of accounting. Salaries could range from $100,000/year to a wage of $12/hour.


How does Sayler’s Consulting establish their employer list?

A: Many of our customers are referred to us through word of mouth referrals. Many of the applicants who we place into new positions become our best source of advertising. On many occasion, past placements, if in a management position, will use our agency to assist with recruitment needs.

Do you have a Privacy Policy for your Company?

A: Yes, we do. Please refer to the section on Privacy Policy within this website.


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